Electricity billing times

Our electricity billing is designed to offer you flexibility and the opportunity to optimise your energy use at different times of the day. We offer three different tariff times during the day to match your needs and lifestyle. By offering these three different tariff times, we aim to give our customers the opportunity to adapt their energy use to suit their lifestyle while benefiting from cost savings and more sustainable energy consumption.

Daily tariff times

P1: 10.00-14.00 and 18.00-22.00 every weekday.
During peak hours, during the daytime when demand is usually highest, our peak hour tariff is applied. This is the period when electricity use in industry is most intense, and pricing is therefore slightly higher to reflect this.

P2 08.00-10.00 & 14.00-18.00 & 22.00-00.00 Weekdays
We also apply an intermediate tariff during a transitional period. This time falls between the peak and off-peak hours and offers pricing in between, providing flexibility for users to adapt their energy consumption during this period.

P3: 00.00-08.00 Weekday night, all weekend and all national holidays
In the evening and during the night, when industrial electricity use usually decreases, our off-peak tariff occurs. This offers a more cost-effective use of electricity during these times

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Questions and answers

Can I control my electricity consumption to reduce costs during a day?
Yes, some households can benefit from using appliances that require high energy during periods of lower prices, such as washing clothes during the night when electricity prices are lower or during the weekend when there is a 24-hour off-peak tariff.

Can I follow the price of electricity during the day?
Yes, you can check the current price of electricity at www.omie.es/en. Remember that the price is displayed in MWh (megawatt hours), you can easily convert it to kWh (kilowatt hours). Please note that the price shown is exclusive of taxes and charges. To get a more realistic picture, you need to add a surcharge of around 30-40% to the price shown.