I have no electricity

There can be several reasons for electricity supply problems. We are here to assist and solve any problems as quickly as possible during our office hours. In case of a power cut outside our office hours, you should contact your electricity distributor.

What to do in the event of a power cut - Step by step guide
We understand that power cuts can be frustrating, and we at Eljoi want to make the process of fixing them as smooth as possible for you. Follow these steps if you experience a power cut:

Step 1: Check the fuses in your electrical cabinet
Go to your own electrical cabinet and check the fuses.
Switch off all fuses, wait a few minutes and then switch them on again.
Also check if your neighbours have power, as outages can be local and temporary.

Step 2: Contact your network owner
If the fuses do not resolve the problem, contact your network owner.
The grid owner for your area is listed on your bill, and you can also find area information in the table below.
Step 3: Contact us at Eljoi
Our customer service team is available during office hours to help you.
Please contact us if you need further assistance or have any questions.
We would like to emphasise that we at Eljoi do not switch off the electricity for individual unpaid invoices. Your safety and service is our priority. Thank you for your understanding and do not hesitate to contact us if you need help. We are here for you.

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Questions and answers

Why do power cuts occur?
Power cuts can be caused by various factors. Weather conditions such as storms, lightning or heavy rain can damage power lines or cause short circuits. Technical faults, maintenance work or overloading of the electricity network can also be causes.

What should I do during a power cut?
First, stay calm and ensure your safety. Use a flashlight instead of candles to avoid fire hazards.
Check if neighbours have been affected by the outage as well, to assess whether it is a local problem or more widespread.
Switch off electronic devices to avoid damage when the power comes back on.
If the outage is prolonged, make sure to have essential supplies such as water, food and necessary medication available.

How long can a power cut last?
The time varies depending on the cause and size of the outage. Minor outages can be resolved within minutes to hours while major ones can last for days depending on the extent of the repairs.
Should I report a power cut?
If you experience a power cut, it is usually wise to report it to us at Eljoi or your network provider.
It's always good to be prepared for power cuts, even if they are unusual. This is to be able to handle the situation in a safe way if it happens.